Meet Addilynn's Birth Mom Brittani, or as we call her around here "Mae Mae". When we asked Britt what she wanted Addi to know her as, she chose the name Mae Mae so that it would be easy for her to say when she started talking. It worked because Britt had her saying it with in the first 15 minutes of her birthday visit in January.

We are blessed with an open adoption with Addilynn's Birth Mom. We would like to have open adoptions with our future children's birth families. We feel that this is beneficial for our children because they will always know that they were brought into this world with love and will know that if they ever have questions, their birth family and adoptive family are ready to answer them. Brittani loves Addilynn with all her heart. When she was expecting Addi she knew she wasn't ready to be both her mom and dad, so she found the best situation possible for her-- our family. We are eternally blessed for her loving sacrifice and couldn't be more grateful to welcome Addilynn and Brittani as part of our family. Our lives would be incomplete with out them.

We communicate with Brittani the most on Facebook, but will also talk to her occasionally on the phone or sending things in the mail. Brittani lives in Alaska with her Fiance Chris. They will be getting married this summer and expecting their first child together in October. We are so grateful that Addilynn and Brittani came into our lives!