Here we go again!

Tonight my daughter is 16 months old.

I can't believe how fast it all goes. It seems like just a few months ago that we were getting told that we couldn't have kids... a few months ago that we were putting our papers in... a few months ago that Brittani picked us to be her baby's parents... a few weeks ago that Addilynn was born.

...And now she is running all over the place, smiling with her toothy grin and saying, "mom, mom, daa-daa-daa!"

We love her so much and words can't describe how blessed we feel to have her in our home. Every day she is growing and growing, every day more a little girl and less a baby.

Daren and I grew up very close to our siblings and loved it. We want Addilynn to grow up with the same privilege and blessing, so I guess that means that we are ready to make a big announcement for our family:

We are hoping to adopt AGAIN!

We are ready to open our hearts to a new little sweetie. Addi is ready to give adorable toddler kisses to a new little brother or sister, I am ready to rock a new little munchkin to sleep each night, and Daren even admits he is ready to do diaper duty for a new little bum so we can buy the tiny diapers again! (He is also excited to love, cherish, and adore that little prince or princess just like Addi & Mommy.) Here we go again!

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